About us

Real Food Finders is founded by myself and my daughter. Granted she is only three, but she is my driving force and inspiration. It is my dream to create a community that supports, promotes, and celebrates the mindful hardworking farmers, ranchers, and all things supporting respectfully grown food. By doing so we pull away from the destructive methods of conventional farming that’s detrimental to us and our environment.

I have recently moved back to the small family ranch I grew up on, and this is now where I am raising my daughter. We have 100 acres with 4 generations living on our land. Our summers are ridiculously hot and our soil is poor. But we do our best. We have several animals, including horses, turkeys, and pigs. My mom and myself both grow a garden and help one another out. Its most definitely a labor of love.

Just when you think you have it figured out there’s a new challenge, whether it be critters, the weather, or battling our hard clay soils. I recently purchased a rusty old backhoe that we are trying to breathe life back into, though I may have bit off more than I can chew with that one. I feel blessed my daughter can grow up here. Trying to grow our own food creates a deep respect for the hard work our family farmers and local businesses do everyday.

I truly believe food is medicine. Several years ago I was taught this valuable lesson. I reached a point where I was barely able to get out of bed and eventually became too ill to continue on with my dental career. After a diagnosis of of autoimmune diseases and a handful of doctors from all over the spectrum, my largest saving grace has been changing my diet. 

I decided to change my lifestyle and most importantly my diet. I noticed my vitality significantly improved with the quality of food I ate. I depend on foods grown right to keep me going. I want my daughter to grow up well, and not succumb to similar issues. I have experienced first-hand the quality of food does matter. Food grown in nutrient rich soils void of pesticides and genetic manipulation does make a difference. Thank you, farmers and ranchers in all that you do and for restoring my health!

We all know we are what we eat. So it only makes since to eat the best. Many of us are experiencing declining health. Cancer, autoimmune disease, heart disease, developmental problems in our children all continue to rise. It is clear we all need to make a change. If we are what eat, and we are consuming deficient toxic laden foods well it only makes since that we ourselves become toxic and deficient also.

On this continuous quest to discover local food grown responsibly, I found it can be quite challenging and time consuming to locate the foods you need. I have spent many hours searching Craigslist, browsing outdated directories, Facebook, networking at farmer’s markets. After several years I became familiar with my area, then I moved and had to start all over again. This is when the need for an online community for local producers to showcase all their products became obvious.

Real Food Finders aspires to become a community connecting us to our local food. The greater the community we create, the better we promote the hardworking farmers building our soils, raising our animals respectfully, and gifting us with better health. Many directories exist today, but we have different ideas to simplify finding local food and providing relevant up to date information.

The more we buy locally the greater demand we create for quality food, reducing our dependency on irresponsible factory farming poisoning our land and food, providing low quality depleted foods, animal cruelty, deplorable slaughter houses, and genetic pollution. We have the power to change our ways, support your responsible local growers and businesses.

Thank you everyone for supporting change and promoting your hardworking individuals and families that provide us with healthy food. Real Food Finders will continuously evolve to create a seamless, easy to use site, delivering up to date information you want to know. As we grow and develop our resources we will continue to strive to make this a great experience. Together lets build a community and strengthen our local food economy. We want to hear from you. Please share any of your thoughts or frustrations that will improve your quest for finding locally grown food.


Amber Melvin